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Meet the Entertainer

I am called Solomon Strauss.  I suppose I could tell you about how as a small boy, I fell in love with magic and performing, and that I've been performing magic for almost 20 years.  I could tell you I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 46. I suppose that's too obvious and cliche. Instead, let me tell you some other things about me that I hope you'll find interesting.

I was born and raised in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia.  My father was a Baptist minister, and I got over my fear of public speaking in front of large crowds by singing and speaking in churches as a youth.  I love music, and have learned to play guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and violin.  I have two degrees, one in German and one in Sociology.

I am an avid outdoorsman and Eagle Scout who loves fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping, wilderness survival, leather-working, birding, and more.  I was a co-founder of a charity organization that cooked and delivered Thanksgiving meals to over 500 members of my community.  I worked with the WV State Parks for 3 consecutive years to provide programs and activities for visitors of all ages, including magic shows and kayak classes. I now do the same thing with Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation at Martin Park Nature Center.

I decided that I wanted to go into business making people smile, laugh, and enjoy themselves, and I genuinely enjoy interacting with people and entertaining them.  I hope you'll give me a chance to do so with you.





Make your wedding reception truly magical. I'll mingle with your guests and perform magic right in their hands.


With any special event, it is never a bad idea to add some excitement with a little bit of mystery and fun


Prevent restless guests on busy nights or bring in new customers by offering unique entertainment.


There is indeed a magic pill, which will swiftly turn the most boring corporate event into a flaming ride of fun and excitement – the magic show!


Need to sell more at trade shows? Grab their attention with my magical skills and let's seal the deal.


No fair is complete without a walk around magician. I will entertain and amaze your guests of all ages, ensuring they spend more time at the fair.


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Oklahoma City, OK

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