Ultimately, Solomon's job is to make your party or event memorable, and to make you look good!  Here are some options for how he can do it:

Walk-Around- Solomon will mingle and entertain your guests in small groups with interactive magic right under their noses!  Great to keep guests entertained and keep the evening exciting. They'll be talking about your party for a long time!  Recommended for events such as wedding receptions, house parties, BBQs, Bar Mitzvahs, and other events where guests are roaming and mingling.

Parlor/Stage- Make your evening memorable with an interactive show!  This 45 minute magic and fun-packed show will have your guests laughing and amazed.  He'll bring guests on stage for many picture perfect moments and give your guests a reason to remember your event and talk about it for a long time to come!  Designed for a space as small as a living room or as big as a banquet hall, this option is recommended for house parties, dinner parties, Bar Mitzvahs, corporate meetings, banquets, etc.

Combination- Why not both?  Have Solomon warm your guests up for the evening with a stage show, then later keep them be excited and engaged with some walk-around magic as they mingle!

Intimate close-up- Not for everyone, this show is designed for a small group (10 max) around a table who don't get scared too easily.  Let your suspension of disbelief take over and enjoy some intimate ghost themed and bizarre story-telling magic with some close friends.  Perfect for an after hours dinner party, this experience will definitely be something you won't forget.

Custom shows- Have a specific themed event that requires a themed show, such as time/period specific, educational, holiday themed, etc?  Solomon can tailor a show specifically for your theme.

Please note:  While children are certainly welcome at my shows, I am not a children's performer, and do not perform shows specifically tailored to children, such as children's birthday parties.  My shows are designed with mature audiences in mind and are best suited for teens and adults.  If you are unsure if your party falls in this category, please feel free to contact me for clarification.


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For Magicians Only:


Classes- Interested in learning magic?  There's no better way to learn than with an experienced magician.  Solomon will work with you to patiently teach everything you need to know.  He'll help you find the style that's right for you and guide you as you grow as a performer.  Classes/sessions can be scheduled as frequently as desired.


Sessions/Consulting- Have an effect or routine you want to improve, or an idea you want to flesh out?  Or maybe you just want to get another magician to watch your performance and give honest critique and feedback?  Need help getting over stage fright?  Contact Solomon and set up a session (or many) and get started!  Prices are reasonable and vary based on session length and type of communication (email, phone, Skype, in person, etc.).


Editing/Reviews- Working on a book and need help editing and going over methodology to ensure proper grammar, credit, and accuracy?  Let Solomon help, and for a reasonable price too.  Have a magic book, video, or product you need reviewed in detail?  Solomon will do it in exchange for the product he is reviewing!  The review can be posted online where ever you wish.

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